Our association

Our principles

The association preserves the roman city Aguntum as cultural heritage, therefor we are looking for sponsors and donors that support the archeological research, the preservation and the historico-cultural presentation of the excavations.
The museum and the archeological park is run by the Association. The museum contains the most important findings of the area of Aguntum and East Tyrol. In addition to this there are also findings of other roman sites to provide complete information about the roman life in the Alps. The archeological park contains mostly rebuild riuns and in summer when the archeologists work in the park there is also a scientific purpose so the archeological park is still growing a bit every year.

Join the association

The association Curatorium pro Agunto preserves the roman city Aguntum as cultural heritage and wants to create and maintain an archeological park. An important step in this direction is the installation of a visitor’s guidance system.

If you want to support this project, feel free to join our association.

regular member:
20€ p.a.

100€ p.a.

500€ once

You can download the membership applikation here.

You can either send your filled applikation form to our email adress or send it to our adress.


Verein ‘Curatorium pro Agunto’
Römerstraße 1, A-9991 Dölsach
Tel. +43 (0) 4852 61 550
Mail Museum: vermittlung@aguntum.at
Mail Büro: office@aguntum.at

Who is who in this association?

Dr. Leo Gomig

Bgm. Josef Mair

Financial advisor
Mag. Martin Fasching

Jasmin Zraunig

Scientifical advisor
Dr. Michael Tschurtschenthaler

Public relations work
Werner Lamprecht

Representative of Dölsach
Silvia Oberbichler

Representative of Lavant
Bgm. Oswald Kuenz

Representative of Nußdorf-Debant
Bgm. Ing. Andreas Pfurner

Representative of Lienz
Bgm. DI Elisabeth Blanik

Board member
Konrad Kreuzer

Board member
Dr. Josef Lackner

Board member
Dr. Paul Meyer

Board member
Johann Krassnitzer

Board member
Wolfgang Winkler

Board member
Dr. Bert Singer

Board member
DI Harald Haider

Board member
Peter Paul Weingartner