LEADER III – Archeological landscape park

The association Curatorium pro Agunto has already arranged things to continue and complete the Project “Archeological landscape park”. A concept for landscape conservation will be developed, which includes landscaping measures and the use of native plants.

In the next stage of the project the walkways are going to be completed and the Information- and Leading system adapted. Resting spots, benches and other furnishings will intensify and prolong the stay of the visitors. It is also planned to adapt the entrance of the museum in a more attractive way and to create a new exit way into the outside area. This project is co-financed by the European Fonds of regional developement. For further project phases subsidies from the Leader-programm of the European Union will be requested.

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Further information on IWB/EFRE here: www.efre.gv.at

Interconnected archeology: The ancient residents of the East Alps.

Interreg Project V-A Italy Austria

This project is a cooperation of three museums of archeology: in Pieve di Cadore, St. Lorenzen and Aguntum. It is an interconnection programm for museum and areas with historical important roman sites, that will be increased in value by communication measures and specific activity.

The Magnifica Comunitá di Cadore is the owner of the archeological museum of Cadorino and will be caring for the restoration of the floor, which was found in a nearby roman Villa. Today it is kept in the Atrium of the Palazzo della Magnifica. In addition to that findings from the roman sites Rusecco and Stean in the Valley of Cadore will be examined.

The Bruneck-Kronplatz-Tourism is responsible for the Museum Mansio Sebatum and focalizes on the craftsman and the thermal quarter of Sebatum. Preservation measures will include the roman walls and floors.

The Museum Aguntum produces a 3D-modell of the roman city “Municipium Claudium Aguntum”. The layout of the ancient city will be digitally analyzed and recreated to show the enormous structure and expansion of this city.

Those transnational measures are planned to include a film producing collaboration and other promotional tools to present those three museums on the internet.

Magnifica Comunità di Cadore

Mansio Sebatum

ITAT 4051 Vernetzte Archäologie